Web Site notes, help for the next administrator. 🙂

The web site is hosted at ?????

Many of the pages use a WordPress extension called BeaverBuilder

Remember is we want to send email from contact pages, must set up the plug in "WP Mail SMTP"  copy the settings from the shop, it is working well with send-in-blue.

General Beaver Builder notes

BeverBuilder videos



  • Create a recovery page under the 4wd touring menu perhaps two pages
  • Create a notional assistance page
  • Complete the beach driving page
  • document the carrousel
  • learn about child columns

Notes about specific pages or feature

  • Front page Carrousel (need to work this one out
  • News Page

News Page

How to add new content

  1. You will need a story and an image
  2. Decide if the story will have a more-information page
    1. create a new page called news-yy-mm-dd-extra
    2. Put the extra content on this page
  3. Open the news page inBeaver Builder
    1. Select the row template "News-row-template" and add a new row above the last news item, drag the item out of the template list and drop into the right place
    2. Change the phot to a more suitable one
    3. Change the text to summary of the news, remember to set a title and a publication date
    4. Change the link button to link to the extra information page that you created above
    5. Save and publish

Add photos to library